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proposed spy pond mural

The Spy Pond Mural is a project of Arlington Public Art

Who are we?

Arlington Public Art (APA) is a collaboration of the Arlington Center for the Arts (ACA) and Vision 2020. In addition to these well-established organizations, its membership includes representatives of the K-12 visual arts program of Arlington Public Schools, the Arlington Committee on Tourism and Economic Development (A-TED), the Arlington Cultural Council, Sustainable Arlington, local business owners, the Town's Planning and Community Development department, and resident art professionals.

Public Art Video

Watch a new video documenting the new push for public art in Arlington, created by ACA Board Member Barbara Costa.

Our Mission

The mission of Arlington Public Art is to engage the community and enrich public spaces through original public art that celebrates and adds to Arlington's unique historic, cultural, natural, and human resources. Our focus is to enable, commission, and purchase temporary and permanent works of art that our community considers to be life-enhancing in the present as well as a legacy for future generations. APA plans to reflect, enhance, and expand the Town's heritage, diversity, and character through an inclusive and broad vision of public art that is integrated into the architecture, infrastructure, and landscape. APA works cooperatively with public and private organizations and individuals to accomplish this civic mission.


Adria Arch, former Education Director at ACA, art professional
David Ardito, Director of the Visual Arts Program, Arlington High School
John Budzyna, Executive Director, Arlington Center for the Arts
Barbara Costa, Board Secretary, Arlington Center for the Arts, Town Meeting Member
Kevin Duffy, Arlington sculptor and business owner
Jane Howard, Co-Chair, Vision 2020 Standing Committee
Stephanie Marlin-Curiel, Co-chair, Arlington Cultural Council
Nancy Muise, art instructor at Arlington High School, art professional
Angela Olszewski, Arlington Tourism and Economic Development Committee
William Turville, Arlington sculptor, architect and business owner
Jan Whitted, proprietor, Artbeat; Manager of Capitol Square Business Association

What is Public Art?

As you walk or bike around Arlington, you'll discover a sculpture, a painting on the side of a building, or a mosaic mural. Unlike art in a museum, public art is located on street corners, in schools, senior centers, libraries, parks, plazas and sidewalks.

Artists work with communities, listening to the stories that reveal what makes a place special. The artists translate these stories into artworks that reflect their individual style and unique vision. We each bring our own understanding and interpretation to works of public art, and we each respond differently. We may make discoveries and connections that inspire or challenge our notions of what art is or might be.

Public art can help strengthen a community and create an increased awareness and appreciation of the unique qualities of its history, residents and environment. The Public Art Committee values and welcomes input and involvement of Arlington residents.

Where is public art in Arlington?

View some examples of Arlington's public art in our public art map

How can I get involved?

Arlington Public Art meets every third Thursday of each month at 9:00am in the Town Hall Annex, first floor conference room. If you are interested in attending a meeting, joining the committee, or have an idea for a public art project you want to share with the committee, please contactAdria Arch.

If you are interested in supporting the Public Art Committee through a tax deductible contribution, contact John Budzyna by email or by phone at (781) 648-6220.

To make a donation:

donate online fast, easy & secure

When donating, please be sure to designate the public art project you wish to support (ie, "Spy Pond Mural," etc.). Thank you!

or send a check payable to:
The Arlington Center for the Arts
41 Foster Street
Arlington, MA 02474

All contributions are tax deductible.

We Thank you for your support!

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Many thanks to Cambridge Savings Bank for their support for the Spy Pond Mural Project of the Arlington Public Art Committee


Gibbs Center | 41 Foster Street | Arlington, MA 02474-6813 | Ph: 781-648-6220 | info@acarts.org