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Anna Thai Embroidery

Anna Thai Embroidery

Embroidery Art

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave)

I learned hand embroidery when I was very young, always encouraged by my mother. Whenever I have time, you’ll find me embroidering.

In 2014, when I was studying English at the Immigrant Learning Center, I was invited to exhibit my work during Window Arts Malden. I displayed a few pieces on the Center's window and people liked my work, I got a 5 stars vote and did a local TV interview. After that event,I received some invitations to exhibit my work.

I have been embroidering for over 40 years and when I'm home I still sit in contemplation and silence in my embroidering corner. Years will pass and I know, I will still choose this exact embroidery path.

The happiness and sadness I have known and heard in my life and the everyday experiences from TV news to listening to music make me think that Life is not perfect. For me is only perfect when I know what to do . . . I go to my artwork! I chose the hand embroidery path because when I embroider I can feel my soul merging comfortably with my artwork.

It takes a long time to complete the work, it uses a small needle and many colors of thread combined. I add many details and stitches on my green grass flowers, moving rivers, sunny summers, bare winter trees, and fresh little flowers announcing spring has come. I think about the specifics of building layer upon layer to build these complex and original designs!
I'm always combining new stitches and looking for new ways to show and create my embroidery work.My dream is that of one daymy embroidery be recognizedfor the artwork that I love.