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Anne Black

Anne Black

Photography, Painting, Mixed Media, Wearable Art

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave)

I am a visual artist and classical musician and have lived in Arlington, MA for over 40 years.

My work as a visual artist includes photography, painting, mixed media, and wearable art. Inspired by changing light and atmosphere in both nature and urban settings, I take special delight in unexpected vantage points, reflections, abstraction, complex layering, intuitive mark-making, vivid color, and texture. My most recent work merges photography, drawing, and painting into layered digital works. Two of my favorite elements in the digital montages I create are monotypes made with gelatin plates, and ink drawings, both of which I scan and convert to digital files. I use Photoshop to create complex layered works, often making different versions to explore changes in the way various layers interact. The process is endlessly fascinating! I print the resulting digital “painting” onto transfer film and transfer the artwork to prepared wood panels using a special transfer process developed by Bonny Lhotka at Dass Art. The process is very labor intensive, but I love the sparkle and immediacy of the result and look forward to exploring the many possibilities of this process.

After thirteen wonderful years as a studio artist in the former ACA location at the Gibbs School, I now work at a studio in West Concord, MA. In 2020, I became a member of the Eastport Gallery in Eastport, Maine, where I also maintain a studio and second home. I teach classes and workshops for Arlington Community Education in partnership with ACA, and for the Eastport Arts Center in Eastport, ME.