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Gary Hawley

Gary Hawley

Woodworking & Turning

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave)

Woodturning for me is a meditational practice. At the lathe my whole world consists of the small space in which the cutting tool contacts the wood. Woodturning also gives me the excuse to learn new techniques. I spend hours sifting through YouTube looking at ways artist use to decorate their work, often potters, painters and sculptors. Most of the time these do not translate to working with wood on the lathe but frequently I get ideas I can use in different contexts. I am currently working with more color and using epoxy to accent the rims of bowls. Polymer clay is of interest and I am beginning to see how it can be used in woodturning.
I use mostly maple and cherry in my work. The maple I often embellish, the cherry often possesses so much character I concentrate on adding an appealing form to the already impressive figure of the wood.

I have taken many classes and workshops but I find I learn best when I can work at my own pace. When I need help (often) I ask a friend to show me how to do something new. And it is newness that keeps me interested.