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Kecia Ali

Kecia Ali

Acrylic, Mixed Media

My paintings are experiments in color and gesture and repetition. I work mostly in acrylic on canvas, although I also paint on wood and sometimes use collage and found objects. Sometimes I begin with a desire to see a shade, or a series of colors in conversation. Sometimes it is a title, a shape, an outline. Sometimes I start with only a need to make a mark, to bring something new into existence. I add on impulse, make gestures, paint or draw lines. I am pleased, then bored, then frustrated, then excited, then satisfied. I let the work sit. I look. I leave. I return; look again. Occasionally, but rarely, the satisfaction remains. Sometimes I’ll tinker: add or subtract an element. I may return several times, each time doing More often, I know the balance isn’t right, or what seemed compelling now doesn’t. Hours or days or weeks or months later, I will use the existing painting as the base for another round of brush-strokes, palette knife swipes, daubings and dabbings, or curlicues in ink.

My sculptures play with found objects – luxurious bathroom fixtures packed away for decades, a relative’s collection of My Little Pony toys that no longer sparks joy, or odds and ends that appeal because of their color, shape, or texture. I get an idea, play around, and stop when I'm satisfied. On the one hand, creating something new out of something old is satisfying. On the other hand, we've already got so much stuff that the entire process feels a bit perverse.

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