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Lidia Scher Art

Lidia Scher Art

Paintings-Healing Art-Wearable Art-Feng Shui Consultations-Art Classes

Location @ AOS:

First Parish Unitarian Universalist (630 Mass Ave)

For Lidia Kenig-Scher, art is a vehicle for spiritual and emotional healing.
Her paintings begin after deep meditation followed by physical engagement with materials and processes. Acrylic paint offers versatility, vibrancy and blend easily with other media, allowing for thoughtless and joyous play with textures and colors.
Lidia’s intention is to connect with universal energies-some call it God, Spirit, Gaia, Buddha Field or other expansive energies to bring forth images, colors, textures and shapes laying beyond common experience.
She learns with every brush stroke, and each completed painting offers her another way to understand what is needed to thrive in life, through a post-completion meditation and contemplation.
Those who are attracted to her work sense a connection to this process and in turn, they may learn and grow spiritually and emotionally by living with the art.
Everything in the universe has an ever moving and changing energy and vibration. A painting's vibrational field affects the space and all who behold it, whether viewers are aware or not. The energies that Lidia intuitively access reflect peace, harmony, love, compassion, happiness, truth, authenticity and acceptance. They contribute to make a kinder world, one person and one space at a time. Click on the link above to learn more about these images and see all available artwork.