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Lisa Goren

Lisa Goren


Location @ AOS:

Arlington Center for the Arts (20 Academy St)

I am a witness.
Over 20 years ago, I was able to go to Antarctica. Since then, I have been to Alaska, Iceland, and the High Arctic (near the North Pole) - all because I can't get these landscapes out of my head. The clarity of the air, the simplicity of the landscape (nearly all of my trips are beyond the tree line), and the blue of the ice feed my soul.
During these 20 years, the world has turned its eyes to the same landscape. I have gone from a tourist explorer, to an active witness of the planet's fragility. Initially, I painted to show the world how beautiful the ice was. I wanted to try and capture the majesty and astonishment I felt seeing a landscape most people would not be able to visit. Just like any other painter works to capture a flower or a marsh on the Cape, I wanted to bring this inspiring world to others.
Like everyone else last year, I was unable to travel. I began to paint an "interior landscape"- what was I thinking about? What had captured my imagination? During the lockdown, we started to see images of animals taking over the places that humans had abandoned. Known as the "Anthropause," animals moved quickly into "our" worlds. Monkeys took over streets in India, goats ranged the streets in Wales, and buffalo moved onto the beach on Catalina Island. In addition, places that were now off-limits, zoos and aquariums let animals loose in new places. So, otters were mixed with orangutans in Belgium, and penguins, in both Chicago and Kansas City (among other places) were able to explore the aquarium on their own or brought to roam local museums.
Drawn to their resilience, a new series of works emerged inspired by these photos animals comfortably reestablishing themselves in "our" spaces. They brought me comfort and smiles during a difficult time.