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Michael Manning

Michael Manning


Location @ AOS:

First Parish Unitarian Universalist (630 Mass Ave)

Michael Manning is a Boston-based artist and photographer whose work explores deep psychological and emotional states, personal trauma and the act of documentation itself through a variety of visual languages and media. Metaphor and symbol, the masculine and feminine, a celebration of light and an intense love for nature are throughout. Photography, mixed-media painting and collage are favorite mediums.

One recent body of work, ‘Blue, Between Two Voices’, is an ongoing and evolving series of double-exposures, made particularly in New England watershed areas of environmental concern. These blue-toned monochrome photographic images are all made in camera, one and then the second, within a few moments of each other. Often involving dance-like movement the making of the images becomes a conversation with place itself. In documenting these environmentally challenged areas the artist aims to more fully express the beauty and fragility of place while pushing the boundaries of landscape photography and abstraction. The final images celebrate the landscape and the image while inviting an investigation into our relationship with nature.

In the studio he is working on a series of mixed-media paintings with complex textures using polymers, acrylics and enamels. The paintings are abstract but have allusions to figure and landscape.

Michael currently lives and works in the Inman Square area of Somerville and Cambridge. He was the recipient of an individual artist’s grant through the Mass Cultural Council during the pandemic and was a Lucie Foundation finalist for their call, ‘Notions of Home’, he has recently exhibited at the Bromfield Gallery in Boston, and had two pieces in a show at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod called, ‘Remembering’, looking back on the tragedy of 9/11.