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Minna Rothman

Minna Rothman

Handwoven Tapestry

Minna Rothman is a visual artist, who makes and designs fine-art handwoven tapestries. She views handwoven tapestries as an art form that often blurs the lines between painting and sculpture. “Just like a painting, traditional tapestry assumes a two-dimensional form, but the process of fiber manipulation…parallels the experience of sculpting by the weaver’s hand,” Minna says.

"I work on my designs using drawings, paintings, collages and photographs which I take. I use this initial composition as a guide in creating a tapestry – usually in the form of a cartoon that a weaver follows. While initial design provides overall composition, an actual tapestry design starts with a weaving process itself. As I start weaving, I am interpreting the cartoon as I continue to discern about the theme. This is a dialogue between the weaving and the weaver. The final product of such a conversation is fabric of the artist’s narrative – an actual tapestry.

I weave tapestries in silence, freeing my mind of everyday noises and committing myself fully to the process. Weaving compels constant decision making which requires the artist’s presence in the moment and results in a unique, one-of-a-kind tapestry. It is a very rewarding process that, on a personal level, makes me even more appreciative of handwoven tapestry as an art form.

Since making a fine art tapestry is often a long process, the tapestry narrative can be seen as a sequence of creative moments that the artist shares with a viewer. Many times the viewer may not be aware of the process, but the tapestry stands on its own as a witness to a human though, telling its own story."

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