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Environmental Mixed Media

Give yourself a minute. Let your eyes adjust to the light. Take off your shoes, your jacket, your bra. Be silent. Listen. Smell.

Ignore the crisp white lab coat hanging there, or the girl scout uniform over there. Try this on. Tell me how it feels to shed your skin.

Swim in the sea of ideas within this forested castle. Read the stories that protect us, remember their touch. Break through the shell, feel the sand. Secretly slip some grains in your pocket.

New growth, a new order. Breathe.

This current body of work uses installation of found objects, textiles of the past, and three embodied female experiences to shed light on moments of growth within the fraternal factory.

Take the long way into town along the water. Listen to the waves. Breathe in the ocean air. Taste the salt. Set your piggies free. Connect. Admire the wave dancing within the driftwood designs. Note the discarded plastic picnic. Pick up the fishing line that washes ashore. Take a moment. Swim in the sea of injustices. Question. Boundless blue. Admit that she will have the last word. When… This work uses found objects, tourist textiles, and legend to shed light on environmental justice within an ecotourism site.

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