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Red Accordion Studio LLC

Red Accordion Studio LLC

Resin, Plastic, Epoxy, Clay, mixed media

I have a thing for glow in the dark, ancient robots, and 3D scanning cow skulls. I guess one could chalk it up to a fascination with the fantastical. A need to create tangible illusion, a special-effect, a story you can touch.

After 20 years of working as an artist in the computer games industry, I opened Red Accordion Studio LLC, in November of 2018. It is there I leverage my digital art skills with my lifelong interest in sculpture, materials and process, to bring my clients’ ideas to life.

When not creating for my clients, I jump at the opportunity to cook up pieces that I could have once only dreamed of. Using techniques such as sculpting in virtual reality, photogrammetry, and traditional 3D modeling, I make characters, creatures and gadgets. Characters, creatures and gadgets, that thanks to 3D printing can be brought into the physical world, and held in one's hand.

It is my hope that viewers of my work will experience the fantastical and perhaps see in them, stories of their own.

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