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Rising Star Quilt Guild

Rising Star Quilt Guild

Small Fiber Works, handmade items, small quilts, holiday crafts, fabric masks and more!

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave)

Founded in 1986, the Rising Star Quilters Guild promotes a wide range of quilt-related activities. The Guild sponsors presentations by well-known quilt artists and authors at monthly meetings, workshops, and quilt-related excursions. The Rising Star Quilters Guild meets eight times a year, primarily at the Follen Church in Lexington. We are open to all who are interested in the art of quilting, and urge everyone, even if they have never held a needle, to join the guild and discover the joy to be gained in creating beauty with textiles. On display at AOS 2021 are small fiber works, as well as a raffle quilt, small quilts, and handmade items for sale.