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Steve Bennet Visual Artist

Steve Bennet Visual Artist

Photographs Printed on Aluminum

My traditional photography includes candid street photographs, “unintentional” still-life compositions, detailed close up images of natural and human-made subjects barely discernible or invisible to the human eye, and expansive landscapes that inspire a sense of the sublime. The reaction I strive to inspire in viewers: “Ah.”

My abstract work consists of photo-based abstracts and composites transformed through digital tools and techniques. The art is designed to launch viewers into virtual realms of imagination — both mine and theirs. I often combine architectural, infrastructure, and technological images with human and natural elements. The resulting work is an invitation to explore alternative realities filled with mystery, suspense, and surprise as viewers navigate between “what is” and “what if” and between the predictable and unpredictable. My desired reaction: “Aha.”

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