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Sunniya Saleem

Sunniya Saleem

Watercolor and mixed media

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Center for the Arts (20 Academy St)

Sunniya Saleem is a visual artist with years of experience in watercolor, mixed media, graphic design and creative arts. Majority of her work consists of watercolor based still life paintings that depict objects and landscapes from the places she has lived in. Each painting features her original artwork and is produced by Sunniya in her makeshift studio. She describes her style as the amalgamation of east and west, having grown up in the East and currently settled in the West, she uses eastern and western elements as inspiration in her work. Majority of her inspiration comes from her birth city, Lahore, Pakistan and she tries to express the vibrancy of Lahore through her color palette. She loves to play with color and pattern to produce intricate works on paper. There is a specific story behind each painting that relates to a certain place or time in her life.

Other than being a professional artist, Sunniya is also a full-time Digital Marketer. She holds several degrees in Visual arts and Design including completing the Arts: Works on Paper course at Harvard University, Oil Painting course at School of Museum of Fine Arts Massachusetts, Digital Animation at MassArt. Other than successfully completing these courses, Sunniya holds a Masters in Design & Branding Strategy from Brunel University, London, United Kingdom as well as a BA (Hons) in Design from London Metropolitan University.