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Anne Katzeff - ASK Design

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Anne Katzeff - ASK Design

Anne Katzeff - ASK Design

soft pastels, watercolor, acrylic

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Community Center (20 Academy Street)

I have been drawing and painting since I was a child. I would sit for hours drawing mandalas with my colored pencils, entranced by the geometric shapes and rich colors. It wasn�t until I was an adult, however, that I started to call myself an artist. That self-defining moment coincided with my falling in love with pastels.

I began working with pastels right after I began swimming with wild dolphins. I wanted to be able to convey through my art the emotional, ethereal quality of this deeply spiritual experience. The vibrant colors and wonderful textures of pastels drew me right back into that ocean world as I painted. Soon I was led to paint other �landscapes� and objects in nature that moved and inspired me.

The Earth is sacred to me. When I begin a painting, the moment the pigment touches the paper, my mind slows down, and I enter a peaceful, meditative state. As I paint, I become deeply immersed in my surroundings, and the joy of playing with color and light fills me. These are sacred moments�when I feel both awe at the beauty around me and
humility at being part of something greater than myself.

What I try to do with my paintings is evoke the richness of a particular moment, with all of its sensations and emotions. Art is my way of honoring a special place or experience, and of celebrating the wonders of the universe. I step away from my rational mind and allow my spirit to create the art. The completed painting is about what is in my heart as well as what I see with my eyes.

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