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Jess Lawrence

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Jess Lawrence

Jess Lawrence

acrylic paintings on canvas

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Community Center (20 Academy Street)

Jess M Lawrence
Artist Statement

In cultivating a visually effective narrative through color and line, I simplify the complexity of feelings we encounter everyday through familiarity. My work enlightens the viewer to the abstract beauty of ordinary landscapes in urban and natural environments by distilling complex shapes to their essence and using unnatural colors to awaken our sense of wonder and curiosity about the simple pleasures we often overlook. My goal is to promote a child-like sense of playfulness and renew energy by depicting subjects in a lively, bright new light.
I have a varied and diverse approach to creating art, not limiting myself to paint and canvas, but often using any available resource, such as, paper, wood, found objects, and fabric. I have found that by expanding my creative skill set into sewing, crafting, and sculpting, I am better able to share my artistic visions. I draw inspiration from nature, giving an extra dimension of personality to microbial, plant, and animal life, and from the rhythm of cities, interpreting their individual characters.
I transport the viewer to a surreal and colorful world inspired by the joy found in the organic lucidity of natural and man-made construction. I believe my work will continue to blossom as life unfolds its kaleidoscope of pleasures and torments. In this imaginative renaissance of wonder, I reacquaint the viewer with that often forgotten sense of unadulterated marvel.

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