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Anastasia Semash

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Anastasia Semash

Anastasia Semash

Acrylic paintings, drawings, needle felting, small sculptures

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave), 2nd Floor

I am an artist and art instructor residing in Arlington, Massachusetts. My works include paintings, drawings, and small sculptures. I have been painting all my life and started creating 3D art in 2009, when I discovered needle felting as a sculptural technique. Since then created mixed media sculptures in which I used a variety of materials,
including wool, textile, paper, glass, and found objects. I love botanical art and in the past years have created a series of botanical drawings and illustrations, focused on capturing the beauty of plants.
My work is a search for the ways to express my ideas, memories, and feelings in a
visual narrative way. The diversity and complexity of human characters is what I aim to capture in my sculptures. In my drawings and painting s I always try to tell a story, the main hero of which can be a human being, or a plant or even a landscape.

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