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Ann Bausman

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Ann Bausman

Ann Bausman


Location @ AOS:

Arlington Community Center (27 Maple St), 1st Floor

I've always loved the play of color and pattern. For years I worked in paper but more recently rediscovered a love of textiles. A friend gave me some upholstery samples and there was no going back. I became obsessed with finding and using "found fabrics", taking inspiration from the layering of colors and patterns. Look closely at one of my collages and you might see snippets from an old dishcloth, a loved Boden skirts, the now-too-tight Old Navy sundress and more. Amidst this journey I felt inspired to stop buying new clothes in response to the waste and environmental impact of the fashion industry. I took to shopping at thrift stores, mending clothing and reading up on Boro stitching which has its roots in Japan. Reuse of even the smallest scraps of fabric and visible mending are characteristics of Boro and can be found in my collages and other pieces. The process is slow and meditative.

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