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Dominique Lecomte / Images, Voyages, Impressions

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Dominique Lecomte / Images, Voyages, Impressions

Dominique Lecomte / Images, Voyages, Impressions

Prints, photos, books

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave), 1st Floor

I spent my childhood in Rambervillers, a small town in the East of France, and I started quite early to write poems and short stories.

In 1985, after a two years sabbatical to take art classes at the School of Image in Epinal, I exhibited my first works, oils, acrylics and etchings. Then, after having obtained a Master’s degree in FLE and a DEA in Philosophy, I went to teach in Cambodia. I arrived in the United States in 1994.

It’s when I specialized in woodcuts or linocuts, mainly for lack of space to be able to do something else at the time.

Photography, which I had always used as a visual notebook, became the basis of my work. My writing turned to existential dialogues and short texts with photos. I decided to publish them myself as books or blogs.

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