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Jocelyn Elizabeth Studio

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Jocelyn Elizabeth Studio

Jocelyn Elizabeth Studio

Painting (acrylic, mixed media, watercolor, collage), photography

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Center for the Arts (20 Academy St), 4th Floor

As an artist, I seek out small moments of beauty that make me feel alive - The giddy feeling that comes from chasing a sunset or staring up at wispy clouds against a starry night sky; the glitter of raindrops on a delicate flower petal; birds chirping as a warm breeze wraps around me; colors changing with the seasons; the wonder of childhood; the complexity of getting to know myself. I am inspired by nature, color and movement and translate this into a variety of visual arts including photography, pattern design, painting, lettering and illustration. I aim for my work to be expressive, lush and vibrant and through this voice, share my core values of beauty, creativity, freedom, joy and peace.

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