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Kathryn Dodgson

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Kathryn Dodgson

Kathryn Dodgson


Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave), 2nd Floor

My working life has been as an editor, spending time with words and the printed page. I never thought of myself as an artistic person, but weaving has been a way for me to leave the verbal world and to become more visual and tactile, watching colors emerge on the loom and relishing the feel of the yarn on my fingers. Just as I thought of editing as similar to gardening — rooting out the weeds and pruning unnecessary growth in order to allow the true essence of a garden to shine — so is weaving like gardening: blending different colors and varieties of textures to explore what hues work well when juxtaposed in a pattern and how fibers change texture when woven together.

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