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Laurie Bogdan

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Laurie Bogdan

Laurie Bogdan


Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave), 1st Floor

My collage work is created from recycled vintage materials. For the bird pieces I use paper, books, and maps. I find myself looking at ordinary images in a whole new way, seeing color and texture. The iris of an eye could resemble the feathers of a bird. Maps are a lost art and I like to think beyond the GPS. I pair the birds with a map of their potential habitat.

In a world where many ordinary objects and books are tossed away or not appreciated it is nice to find a way to reimagine and bring new life to them. My focus in recent years has been to use a variety of recycled materials to create public art. I enjoy collaborating with fellow artists with complimentary skills. This allows me to stretch my imagination. I volunteer my time with ArtLinks Arlington a local networking group and Arts Arlington.

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