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Lidia Scher Art

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Lidia Scher Art

Lidia Scher Art

Alcohol Inks and acrylic

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Center for the Arts (20 Academy St), 4th Floor

To me, art is a vehicle for spiritual and emotional healing
Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Artworks have a vibrational field comprised of its elements and principles, the physical aspects of how it was created, and the artists physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state while creating the piece.

Art energies affect the artist and the space where it is installed, mingling with the energy of those who in one way or another interact with it and create new and ever-changing conversations. These conversations start with the artist’s intention.

When we look at a painting, we may not know what the intention was, except for subtle hints sometimes given by its title, yet we will be touched by the art’s vibration. This happens because the subject of the creator’s work will set off a spark, causing the viewer to connect or inquire deeper about a matter in her/his life that’s somehow related. It is that undeniable, intangible emotional connection that makes art one of life’s most beautiful celebrations.

Through my work, I aim to reflect peace, harmony, love, compassion, happiness, truth, authenticity, and acceptance.

Painting begins after deep meditation. In the studio, I physically engage with the materials and processes; acrylic paint offers versatility, vibrancy and can easily blend with other media so I may play thoughtlessly and joyously with textures and colors. I get lost in the process, giving all of myself – mind, body, and spirit – and when the canvas or any other support is complete, I trust that the image created is one that was meant to beheld and be shared.

I learn with every brush stroke and each completed painting offers me another way to understand what I need to thrive in my life through meditation and contemplation. Those who are attracted to my work feel a connection to this process and in turn, they can learn and grow spiritually and emotionally. In a very real sense, my paintings function like Tibetan Thangkas; they are created to be contemplated, to learn from and to vibrationally affect the space where the art is installed.

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