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Lisa Nelson

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Lisa Nelson

Lisa Nelson


Location @ AOS:

Arlington Community Center (27 Maple St), 1st Floor

I firmly believe in the importance of the natural world and finding our correct place within it. I have a diverse background in fine art painting, graphic design, and illustration and I use these skills to create luminous watercolor portraits that highlight what is unique and beautiful about the amazing flora and fauna that surrounds us. My work starts with a passion instilled at an early age to preserve those wild places and environments that are constantly being encroached upon by the world of humans. I examine each living thing to see how it fits into its habitat and the world at large. There is so much in our world that is fleeting and my work strives to capture what I can before it fades from our view with the use of the transitory medium of watercolor. Both my artistic method and my subject matter are delicately fragile but are all the more beautiful because of it.

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