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Lotus and Star Jewelry

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Lotus and Star Jewelry

Lotus and Star Jewelry

Fine Silver cloisonne' and Sterling sliver/gold/gemstone jewelry

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Community Center (27 Maple St), 1st Floor

As a trained artist, it has been my lifelong dream to create one of a kind, wearable art jewelry. My business, Lotus and Star is the fulfillment of that dream.
Lotus, because when we find our core, what makes us truly happy and our souls joyful: we bloom. Sometimes it takes a long and winding journey through the deepest darkest depths of our existence before we realize that true beauty starts from within.
Star, because once we see the wonder in ourselves, we see the wonders of our endless possibilities. Like the stars in the sky, we shine.
My humble studio is on my front porch. It is there that I design and fabricate with fire, metal, glass, gemstones and tools. It is there that I find happiness creating, unique, authentic and beautiful artistic adornment.
My mission is to capture beauty and share it!

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