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Sara Diaz

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Sara Diaz

Sara Diaz

Upcycled materials: beads, nail polish, paper

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Center for the Arts (20 Academy St), 3rd Floor

I am a scavenger and never considered myself to be artistic…at all. I only discovered the ability to create from “found” items a couple of years ago. I upcycle whatever makes itself available. I enjoy making something colorful and whimsical out of materials that are deemed to be useless. Broken beaded jewelry, forgotten crayons, scraps of embroidery floss, abandoned bottles of nail polish, and leftover paper provide inspiration and raw materials for the items I make. Each creation is a happy surprise as I allow the material to guide my hands; I have no set expectations when I begin any project. The process of creating something unique and personal from “nothing“ is therapeutic for me.

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