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Sheena Draper Art

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Sheena Draper Art

Sheena Draper Art

Painting, Glass

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Center for the Arts (20 Academy St), 4th Floor

I am not a fan of blank spaces, especially white. So, when I am staring at a blank canvas, my mind unlocks regions I didn't know existed, and I begin to create. Acrylic pours, swiping without any clear direction, watching the vibrant colors disrupt the blank space fills me with joy! I strive to be original; cookie cutter things were never my forte. i want me work to be immersive and a conversation piece. Taking the onlooker to their magical place, and also have a riveting discussion about what is seen taking the onlooker to their magical place. But why stop at canvases? Art is limitless, and so is my passion for it. Life is Creativity, and I am loving the journey!

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