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Small Glories

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Small Glories

Small Glories


Location @ AOS:

Arlington Community Center (27 Maple St), 1st Floor

Antoinette Indge, owner of small glories, made her first terrarium during the first winter lockdown, when she learnt to grow moss indoors. Creating beautiful plant worlds under glass has become a new passion that she wants to share with others.
Antoinette has built up a collection of humidity loving plants that she selects from for each terrarium with an eye to color, texture and form. The design is carefully considered as she uses the elements of moss, soil, rock and plant to create each terrarium environment.
Each terrarium is a self-contained, green world of plants, ferns and mosses. They are self-sustaining and low maintenance, requiring very little care beyond an occasional misting with water, and come with a printed care guide.
Antoinette is also a clothing designer, hiker, mushroom forager and moss lover. She is based at Western Avenue Studios & Lofts in Lowell, MA.

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