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Those Cosmic Collages

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Those Cosmic Collages

Those Cosmic Collages

HD metal prints of original hand-cut collages

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave), 2nd Floor

David Redfield (@that_cosmic_echo) is a collage artist from Massachusetts. Inspired by the spaces that linger between the notes, noise and nonsense, his work juxtaposes disparate elements, perspectives and forms to create unexpected worlds, moods and meditations.

Formally educated and trained as an architect, David’s collages explore the harmony and tension between space and structure in natural, manmade and imagined environments, challenging traditional perceptions of positive and negative space, deconstruction and reconstruction, and past and future. Each piece is comprised of elements sourced exclusively from magazines, books and photographs that are skillfully hand-cut, glued together and finally framed or prepared for HD prints on metal.

David began collaging in the summer of 2020 to “soothe [his] soul and satiate [his] active imagination” while quarantining during lockdown. Since then, his collages have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland and the U.S., featured as album artwork and published internationally in books and magazines. Along with visual collage, David creates instrumental “sonic collages”, performing his original compositions and DJing at local events, festivals and venues.

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