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Yildiz Grodowski

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Yildiz Grodowski

Yildiz Grodowski


Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave), 2nd Floor

As a visual artist and a dancer, I find many connections between abstract painting and improvisational dance. Just as I let the music move me from within, I allow my artistic intuition to bring my brush to life.

I make art because I don’t know how to live without creating. The foundation of my art is connections. I aim to communicate the essence of a relationship or place with my visual language. In my art, ideas and expressions are more important than the materials. My goal is to transport the viewer to a place, person or moment in their life.

I create abstract paintings with harmonious and brave colors. Using acrylic, mixed media, and collage material, I love exploring with unusual tools for surprising and delightful effects.

My paintings go through three stages. I start by playing with colors and marks, following my intuition, only allowing my technical knowledge here and there. Then comes the ugly stage. Nothing seems to be working, the colors and shapes struggle to be saved. It’s tempting to discard the work right here, but I always push through knowing the beauty I can create. This connection to my work brings me to the home stretch.

I will never sign a piece until I’m completely connected with it. Once I am, you will be too.

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