Mekbib Gebertsadik

Landscape #1

Acrylic on Canvas

12" X 23"



I, as a moderately trained artist, so far observed nature or my surrounding as major and minor of two landscapes – one outside of myself (consciousness or artistic imagination) and the other the one which I try to interpret through my art mediums. The one which I try to address as the external landscape is the one I see, hear, taste, touch, intuition and percept in my extra sensory perceptions. The naturally existing line and color of the land and its shading at different times of the day, but also its fauna and animals in season, its weather, its geology, the immaculate record of the climate and evolution. Whenever the landscape flares in my mind, there sprouts in me, the longest and widest rift valley of the world which is found in the land where I was born and raised, east Africa Ethiopia. The land of mystery and wisdom. The fount and cradle of humanity. It was here where nature first opened my artistic eyes and touched my imagination with its magical rays of light, and every motion of light, as a source of life and death and spirit. The landscape which I am trying to capture on my canvas by using my different colors as a mother uses her life’s blood into here embryo is just a partial interpretation of light. Through my colors, I tried to capture all elements of the land that makes the landscape understandable with the enigmatic relationship between them. This is to mean there are peripheries and barriers beyond my air as a brush. I still tried my best to capture them with the motion of my lines and different colors. I, here tried to surpass the limitation nature set for some cameras or intricate modern video machines and tried to depict through different colors that there is nothing that limits the artistic imagination or vision of an artist. Through light, which is the sine qua non of life, I tried to reveal the secrets of human thought in the mind and the interaction of wind, water, soil, fire, metal as the major expression of nature’s existence in harmony by giving meaning to life. There is nothing that works or lives by itself. Nature is interlinked, inter ganged and intertwined.

"Landscape #1" by Mekbib Gebertsadik

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