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Friends --

When Arlington Center for the Arts was pursuing its new space at 20 Academy Street four years ago, this community rallied to ensure that Arlington would have a place dedicated for the arts. Perhaps you took the microphone at a town-wide meeting to share how important ACA’s camps and classes are to your family or maybe you donated funds to transform and equip our new home in Arlington Center. With your support, ACA’s programs and signature events, such as Porchfest and Arlington Open Studios, grew to include more local artists and make a greater impact on this community.  Now it’s time to rally again.


Despite the hurdles of the pandemic, ACA offered summer camp in both in-person and virtual formats to great feedback from families and students. And this fall the staff has curated more programming, not less, including expanded ceramics classes, more activities for kids, and a timely new exhibit focused on equal rights. 


We applaud our new Executive Director, Tom Formicola, for leading ACA’s creative staff into new online programming possibilities. However, the COVID-19-related income loss remains a significant challenge for our organization. Social distancing constraints have vastly reduced the number of people who can attend activities in person, which has reduced our earned income by 37% as compared to 2019.  To help bridge this gap in funding, ACA needs to raise $60,000 by December 31. 


Will you join us in supporting ACA by making a donation? 


Your gift will help ensure that ACA remains vibrant and resilient. It will also help us to continue engaging with local artists and serving all the members of this community as we have for more than 30 years. We hope you believe, as we do, in the power of the arts to enrich lives and provide solace, hope and inspiration. 


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Margaret Moody

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