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Classes and Workshops for Kids, Teens, Adults & Families

ACA offers a fun & creative mix of arts classes in a variety of disciplines for children, teens, and adults - and we hope you'll join us!!! Browse classes and workshops in the interactive PDFs below, or go straight to our searchable registration portal. Please visit our COVID-19 Updates page for the latest information regarding our policies and procedures around COVID-19.

- Spring 2023 at ACA -

This semester is filled with a variety of programs from your favorites to our newest offerings based on community feedback. Join us for our expanding offerings in music, movement, ceramics, fiber arts, installation art and more! Our spring catalog incorporates more learning paths, allowing youth, teen, and adult students to progress through a variety of skills at an introductory level and then expand into intermediate and advanced opportunities. As new growth happens around us, we hope you take on a new challenge this spring. Whether you take a new workshop to supplement your learning, or you dive into an entirely new medium altogether, we hope this spring is filled with curiosity and discovery!

View Our Interactive

Spring 2023 Catalog Here

Use the arrows to flip through the pages and be sure to hover your cursor over the Table of Contents to jump through the catalog. You can also hover your cursor over each class title to register!

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All of our online learning is conducted via Zoom

Need some assistance getting acclimated to the Zoom platform? Try out this handy Zoom webinar presented by Andrew Payne

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