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Strategic Plan

ACA FY24-28 Strategic Plan 

On behalf of ACA’s board and staff, we are proud to share our new strategic plan, designed to stabilize and strengthen our nonprofit organization through a long-range view that emphasizes organizational resilience and prioritizes inclusion.

Created by ACA board and staff members with input from instructors, students, program participants, and other stakeholders from throughout the community, this five-year plan represents a roadmap, outlining a journey with goals, strategies, and tactics that are simultaneously ambitious and achievable, thereby:

  • Ensuring ACA’s financial sustainability by increasing and diversifying sources of earned and contributed income and building reserves.

  • Building organizational capacity by developing ACA’s board and staff and upgrading its systems, structures, and processes to improve operations, programs, and service to the community.

  • Optimizing ACA’s programs to deepen engagement with our community, removing barriers, and creating an inclusive space for all who choose to participate.

To move this plan forward, we will need the help of community members who value and share ACA’s vision of a welcoming space where everyone has access to the arts and opportunities to create, connect, and celebrate.


As such, ACA is currently seeking volunteer leaders to join its board of directors. We’re looking for candidates who are passionate about arts and community and offer a variety of skills and perspectives to share. Visit our Work With Us page and submit your application by the deadline on November 26, 2023.

A horizontally split diptych with the top half reading "ACA Strategic Plan FY24-FY28" and the bottom half overlayed images of various events held at ACA.
A large intermingling crowd of people participating in ACA Open Studios, an annual event with featured artists and artwork.

Below, you can find our full FY24-28 Strategic Plan Report:

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