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In the Shaira Ali Gallery

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Image Credit: Echo by Lis Sartori


Monday - 9am-5pm

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Wednesday - 9am-7pm

Thursday - 12-5pm

Friday - 9am-5pm


** Please note that the ACA Shaira Ali Gallery will be closed the week of February 20-24, 2023 as ACA will be running our 2023 February Vacation Arts Camps

Labor of Life: Textiles + Fiber

February 2 - March 30, 2023
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 9, 6-7:30pm

Arlington Center for the Arts is pleased to present Labor of Life: Textiles + Fiber, curated by fiber artist and educator, Kristina Goransson. Historically, textiles have been a part of what moves cultures forward: Innovations like spinning fibers together to create thread have been instrumental in survival from the beginning of human existence. Cultures around the world have used textiles as currency, to show wealth and power, and as an everyday tool. In today’s world, we may take for granted the impact textiles have had on every aspect of our lives but there is a resurgence of textile art that is honoring this history. 


The artwork in Labor of Life: Textiles + Fiber showcases the diverse techniques that encompass the world of textiles. From intricate tapestry weaving to paper sculpture, the exhibit hopes to engage the viewer in possibilities. Artists are using traditional techniques to speak of contemporary subject matters while others are using new innovations within textiles, pushing the medium forward. Textiles will always be part of human evolution as it is elemental to our survival; It is used as an aesthetic tool to express our ideas and identities as well as improving life with innovative new technologies. The art in Labor of Life: Textiles + Fiber is a slice of what is possible.

Participating Artists:

Chelsea Brown | Tina Chavera | Cari Clemen | Nancy Crasco | Brooke Doherty | Kendra Dowd | Ania Gilmore | Malika Green | Hilde-Kari Guttormsen | Charlotte Hamlin | Kimberley Harding | Kerstin Katko | Rachel Liberman (1942-1999) | Virginia Mahoney | Katherine McClelland | Charlotte Moore | Joy Muller-McCoola | Alanna Nelson | Nita Penfold | Amy Pett | Stacey Piwinski | Edwige Raimbault | Amy Ropple | Evan Rosenberg | Minna Rothman | Lis Sartori | Anastasia Semash | Teresa Shields | Adrienne Sloane | Dayna Talbot | Anna Thai | Cynthia Walat | Suzanne Watzman | Irmandy Wicaksono | Emily Williams

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Touch the Art!

Notice a “     ” symbol on the wall next to a work of art in this exhibit? This means you can touch this piece of art! Please be respectful of the artwork by handling it gently and using our cotton gloves that are available for visitors in the gallery.

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Labor of Life: Textiles + Fiber Upcoming Events:

Labor of Life Artist Fishbowl Discussion

Thursday, March 23, 6-7:30pm in the Shaira Ali Gallery

Join Labor of Life: Textiles + Fiber curator Kristina Goransson and many exhibiting artists for a fishbowl-style panel discussion! Some of the topics might include what drew you to the medium, perceptions in the art world, and what the medium means to you and your community.

What is a fishbowl discussion?

Fishbowl is a discussion technique for larger groups of people. The structure of the discussion includes an inner circle of participants and an outer circle of participants. The artists will be part of the inner circle, directly discussing topics posed by our facilitator, curator Kristina Goransson. In the "fishbowl," artists will respond to multiple viewpoints from the facilitator and their peers. The outer circle is made up of any other attendees who would like to listen to the discussion. If there is a large number of artists in attendance, the facilitator might rotate artists in and out of the inner circle so all artists have an opportunity to discuss topics and listen.

Poets Respond: Labor of Life

Monday, March 27, 7-8:30pm in the Shaira Ali Gallery

Arlington Center for the Arts presents POETS RESPOND: LABOR OF LIFE, featuring poetry readings by the Alewife Poets that reflect on the artworks, themes, and ideas presented in this exhibit. The poets will perform readings inspired by pieces currently showcased. The event will be moderated by Arlington's newly appointed Poet Laureate Jean Flanagan. This free poetry reading is open to the general public.


The Alewife Poets was founded in 1996 as a women's writing group with the mission of supporting one another's work. The group's members are well-known throughout the region as performers, both together and separately, and often read to benefit social or educational causes. 

Labor of Life on ACMi News!

A special thanks to the folks at Arlington Community Media Inc (ACMi) for their piece on Labor of Life: Textiles + Fiber and for talking to our exhibit curator, Kristina Goransson!

To inquire on purchasing artwork exhibited in this show, please email ACA Education and Programs Director Cat Beaudoin at

In the Hallway Gallery

Lim_IHaveNoIdeaWhatsComingNext (1).jpg
Oak Sapling_j_hayescha.jpg

ArtLinks Arlington Annual Collaborative Exhibit

February 1 - 28, 2023
Opening Reception: Wednesday, February 1, 7-8:30pm

The theme for this year's ArtLinks Arlington's Annual Collaborative Exhibit is Perseverance. Each year this exhibit presents artwork from local ArtLinks members, where one art discipline informs the others. This year's collaboration is inspired by Oktapodi, an award winning animated short film. The exhibit was curated by award winning artist Kristina Goransson.

Top Image:  I Have No Idea What's Coming Next by Pauline Lim

Bottom Image: Oak Sapling by Janice Hayes-Cha

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