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Art for Everyone

Art for Everyone is the Arlington Center for the Arts' inclusive art-making program, designed to offer accommodations and to support your child as they explore different mediums and let their imaginations run wild! This series of workshops and classes includes modifications to offer students of all abilities a fun, creative opportunity for self-expression. 

This program often includes classes and workshops designed specifically for families and students on a broad spectrum of neurodiversity. It also provides ACA instructors with tools to provide more accessible practices in their curriculum to be more accommodating of students with different classroom/learning needs. 

More Art for Everyone Classes will be added this Fall!

You can register through our online registration portal, or by calling our office at



Art for Everyone programs will take place at Arlington Center for the Arts!

If you would like to discuss modifications or accommodations for yourself or a family member, please contact

Cat Beaudoin, Education and Programs Manager, at or at 781-648-6220.

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