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Art & College Admissions Series


Art School? 

Liberal Arts?


Make the most of your art experience in the college admissions process.

Art & College Admissions: An Introduction

Thursday, May 3, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Arlington Senior Center (27 Maple St, Arlington)

Whether a student is interested in pursuing the arts in college as a major or simply loves creative expression in itself, this workshop is designed to help students and families understand how arts involvement can be an impactful component of any college application. We will cover essentials such as the different type of arts programs and degrees, how to present arts involvements and artwork to colleges during the admissions process, and what to look for in a college for those arts-engaged students.


The presentation by Rachel Katzman, owner of Katzman Advising, a private college counseling service, will offer a Q+A session at the end, as well as a list of “arts-strong” colleges and resources.

Tuition: $20/student, parent entry included

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Preparing an Art Portfolio: 

Telling Your Personal Story Through Art

2 Saturdays, 6/30 & 7/7, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Arlington Senior Center (27 Maple St, Arlington)

This two session workshop will focus on understanding the requirements for a typical arts portfolio for a four-year college, and then move into selecting works and drafting statements that showcase an applicant’s unique interests, talents, and personal story. Students will be expected to bring in samples of their work for both sessions and write in between sessions. Students who are interested in applying to fine arts programs, as well as students who want to use portfolios as supplementary materials for college applications, are encouraged to attend.

It's never too early to begin working on an art portfolio- all high school students are encouraged to attend!

Tuition: $130 members / $150 non-members

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The Creative College Essay

2 Saturdays, 6/30 & 7/7, 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Arlington Senior Center (27 Maple St, Arlington)

This two session workshop uses a blend of creative writing and arts-focused brainstorming exercises to help students develop ideas and begin their college essay. We will learn how to use original artworks as narrative, write image-based vignettes, and identify personal values that will provide a framework for a compelling college essay. This creative work will be balanced with instruction on structure and purpose in a college essay.


Participants will be expected to produce writing between sessions and share their work. The workshop is open to students pursuing a variety of college paths.


Tuition: $130 members / $150 non-members

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The Art & College Admissions Program is offered by Arlington Center for the Arts in collaboration with Rachel Katzman of Katman Advising

Rachel Katzman holds an EdM in Arts in Education from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, and prior to working in college advising, taught arts-integrated curriculum in museums and high schools across the country. She is now the owner and founder of Katzman Advising, a Belmont based private practice specializing in college admissions. You can learn more about Rachel and her approach to college admissions at

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