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Gary Hawley

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Gary Hawley

Gary Hawley


Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave) ForestDesign

I have been work in wood since my first shop class in the seventh grade. Over the years I have added new material and new techniques. Discovering new ways of doing my work is the heart of why I enjoy the process so much. New materials, such as iridescent paints and new techniques such as pyrography add variety to the pieces I create and keep me involved with other craft people and artists. When I turn a beautiful piece of wood I concentrate on a pleasing form and leave the wood alone. If I have a relatively plain piece of Vermont maple I feel free to add embellishments that might include silver, turquoise, pastel crayons, whatever I think might make an interesting piece. I make mostly relatively small to medium size pieces and I work slowly. Enjoying the process stands well above efficiency for me. Though I have been retired form teaching for many years now I still enjoy explaining how things work, like how an airbrush moves paint differently that a brush. I sell some of my work online but I find my work sells best when people can pick up the pieces and feel the weight and finish of the wood. It is also much more fun to interact with people at shows than to pack a bowl into a box and mail it off.

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