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Lewanda Lim

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Lewanda Lim

Lewanda Lim

fiber( yarn, thread, textiles), paints, jewelry

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Community Center (20 Academy Street)

I am a Filipino-American multi- media artist who uses an array of materials to express my particular ideas and emotions regarding politics,the environment, ethnicity, the natural world and whimsical imaginations. My fiber art deals mostly with my fascination with and concern about the natural world. I developed my unique way of manipulating fabrics, yarn thread and dye, using a sewing machine .My relatively recent collages are large and deal with environmental and social issues.Many earlier works reflect my deep love of the ocean and its denizens with their magical forms and color intensities. Through the years, I have worked on a visual narrative of the colonial history of my country of origin, the Philippines and the journey of Filipino immigrants to this country.The style is collage-like, using paints, paper, fabric to tell historical incidents, accounts and aspirations of an Asian minority. I like to consider my narrative style as reflective of the mist-mash character of a colonized culture still seeking for its authentic self. My paintings, drawings and prints are a collection of an artistic path with many turns, returns and explorations - from realistic portrayals, fantastical compositions to abstract expressionist expositions. All in all, my oeuvre expresses my personhood- one of an uprooted artist who lives in an adapted country, still
wandering in the world of in-betweens and tethering between cultures and identity.

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