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Modern Heirlooms by M&E

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Modern Heirlooms by M&E

Modern Heirlooms by M&E

Textiles (fabric, yarn)

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Community Center (20 Academy Street)

We are a mother-daughter team focused on executing traditional textile artforms with a modern twist. We emphasize sustainability and upcycling for our materials to reduce waste.

Ellen creates wool quilts in traditional American patterns that are both beautiful and warmly functional. She uses 100% reclaimed upcycled wool from garments for the quilt tops. Her goal is to promote sustainability through reuse while preserving and updating traditional patterns and quilting. The combination of bold colors and geometric patterns create visually striking statement pieces.

Mary weaves household linens (towels, napkins, placemats, etc.) and accessories using traditional patterns but with modern colors and themes. She uses natural fibers to create textiles that will last for decades under heavy use. She incorporates themes of science and technology into this ancient artform, for example through the use of Morse code and binary in her designs.

We are committed to preserving, enhancing, and updating quilting and weaving, artforms refined by generations of our foremothers, for modern audiences. We hope to combat throwaway culture by creating household artwork that will last a lifetime.

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