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Patricia Bigness

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Patricia Bigness

Patricia Bigness

textile and mixed media

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Community Center (20 Academy Street)

My artistic practice has included cross-stitch (and yarn bombing), felting, and embroidery on fabric and, increasingly, on paper. I continue to find my imagination sparked by colors, textures, and shapes in found materials including cards, antique prints, and photographs. Minor additions--and sometimes major ones--can change the feeling of an object or bring out its inherent qualities more fully.

This year, I find myself collaborating more often. One of my pieces for this show, Magic Happens, embellishes a photograph taken by my nephew of an abandoned stuffed animal peeking up through a picnic table. Another, Daisies, is my freehand embroidery on handmade paper which my daughter made from a long-stored college notebook of her father's. In these and other pieces, I am engaging in a dialogue with objects and their original creators with the aim of making something that brings new, or renewed, pleasure to viewers.

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