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Stephen Goss Pottery

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Stephen Goss Pottery

Stephen Goss Pottery


Location @ AOS:

Arlington Community Center (20 Academy Street)

I make wheel-thrown pottery with the emphasis on functionality, the tactile experience, and the intention of contemplation.
These unique vessels made by my hands should feel right in yours -
objects to enjoy while pondering life, the universe, and everything.

I take my aesthetic inspiration from organic patterns in nature, the rustic beauty in decay, and the joie de vivre of serendipity.
I explore movement and texture through swirling spirals and carved surfaces to invite frequent use and ongoing discovery.

My work is heavily influenced by a bittersweet nostalgia, a sensitivity to ephemera, and an appreciation towards unobtrusive beauty.
Ideas and memories, thoughts and dreams � it is my hope to share mine, and inspire yours, through my creations.

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