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Susan Altman - Glass & Grout

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Susan Altman - Glass & Grout

Susan Altman - Glass & Grout

mosaic and multimedia

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave)

Susan makes mosaics, multi-media sculpture, and photos. Susan began making mosaics in 2005, following on the heels of graphic design, watercolor, pastels, wheel-thrown pottery, quilting, and jewelry design. She is attracted to the permanence and solidity of mosaics, and their variable surfaces and textures. She loves colors and building things, and likes her art to serve a function. A passionate environmentalist, Susan incorporates discarded and used materials into her work whenever possible: wood from construction projects, pots and pans, broken pottery, keys and hardware, discarded furniture, bottle caps, rocks, seashells, and once-loved toys. She has made wall hangings, free-standing sculptures, stepping stones and garden ornaments, and jewelry.

Susan also explores nature through photography, and particularly enjoys capturing insects, patterns, and landscapes. Intense color and contrast between foreground and background are frequent themes. Most of her photos are taken with her iPhone--because it�s always handy.

Susan finds joy in bringing art and community together. She has developed and produced multiple public art projects, including a mixed-media wall piece designed and built by several middle school students, a mosaic wall piece created by four families working together over four sessions, a utility switchbox mosaic, and a finished 7x12 foot mosaic, which was created by the entire student body of the Roberts Elementary School in just two weeks. She recently worked with students and Medford community to create the first exterior artwork for Medford High School, �Over the Rainbow,� a mosaic that spans an area 54� wide.

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