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Yildiz Grodowski

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Yildiz Grodowski

Yildiz Grodowski

Paintings - Acrylic/Mixed Media

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave)

Being a dancer, I find many connections between abstract painting and improvisational dance. Just as I let the music move me from within, I allow my artistic intuition to bring my brush to life.

The foundation of my art is connections. My goal is to communicate the essence of a relationship and transport the viewer to a place, a person, a moment in their life with my visual language.

Using acrylic, mixed media, and collage, I love exploring with unusual tools for surprising and delightful effects.

My paintings go through three stages. I start by playing with colors and marks, following my intuition, with limited technical input. Then comes the ugly stage. The colors and shapes struggle to be saved. It�s tempting to discard, but I always push through knowing the beauty I can create. This connection to my work brings me to the home stretch.

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