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Ann Wynne

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Ann Wynne

Ann Wynne

Coptic journals and collage cards

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Community Center (27 Maple St), 1st Floor

These days most of my art is about helping others do their art! That translates into gathering materials, experimenting with them and making them accessible. The majority of my students have been on earth for only a decade or less and are full of imagination, wonder and willingness to muck about and see what happens.They are perfect teachers! (even though I have the name of 'teacher' in the preschool and home studio where I work.
I make journals and cards which become receptacles for other people's words and images. I love paper and consider a blank piece of the stuff a beautiful invitation to make a mark (like all us creatures need to do) Every now and then I use the empty space in my books and cards for my own.

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