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Fox & Owl FREE Virtual Workshop | Fox Festival 2020 


Join us for a FREE collaborative arts workshop where your creativity will be on screen for the whole community to see! You’ll learn how to use simple puppets to tell a story. Your story can simple or complex; it can have a message (such as "protect the environment") or it can merely entertain. It can take place in your own back yard, in the past or future, or in a completely imagined world.


Our expert puppeteer Sara Peattie will help you develop character and plot ideas, build props or a tiny theater to make your adventure amazing. Your work will be featured in the Arlington Commission for the Arts' Fox & Owl Tiny Film and Photo Festival in August!

Required Supplies

  • You will be asked to complete some simple activities in advance of the workshop and share your ideas with the group. Participants are encouraged to make a 1-minute video that will be included in the Arlington Commission for the Arts’ Fox & Owl Tiny Film & Photo Festival in August. This is part of the annual Fox Festival, a puppet parade reinvented for safe socially distanced activity to do at home; workshop co-sponsored by Arlington Center for the Arts and Arlington Commission for Arts & Culture.

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