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“Outside In, Inside Out” exhibit features 3 Arlington Artists at the Old Schwamb Mill

From left to right: artwork by Anne Briggs, Lainie Dearden and Gwen Chasan.

The “Outside In, Inside Out” exhibit at the Old Schwamb Mill, exhibits the recent work of three Arlington artists, Gwen Chasan, Anne Briggs, and Lainie Dearden. Dearden is a potter and ceramic sculptor working in variations on Raku. Chasan and Briggs are painters working in watercolor and acrylics. They each enjoyed successful business careers, and now focus on their art full time and with great joy.

Gwen serves on the Board of Directors of the Arlington Center for the Arts, and Anne is former member of the Board. Both are active in ACA classes and exhibits, and we’re delighted to see their success with this wonderful show. Gwen is teaching a one-day “Watercolor Innovations” Yupo Workshop at ACA in November. See all the details, here.

The theme of the show, “Outside In, Inside Out”, is derived from the artists’ travels and explorations, and their effect on their inner lives and art. We take in what we experience in the world, bringing the outside in, and it changes what we express through our art, bringing the inside out in the form of artistic expression.

The show runs from Saturday, October 5 thru Saturday, November 16 at the Old Schwamb Mill, 17 Mill Lane in Arlington. The mill is open Tuesdays and Saturdays, 11AM-3PM. The show’s opening event is on Saturday October 5 from 2:30-4:30PM.

There will be a closing Open House reception on Saturday, November 16, from Noon-4:30, with live music from 2:00-3:30, and continuous mill tours from noon-2:00pm.

For more info, visit the Old Schwamb Mill online.

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