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Teen Art Studio: Ragged Mt. Band T-shirt project

Guest blog story by Lindsey Schust, ACA Communications Assistant and Camp Photographer, Summer 2011.

When I walked into the Teen Art Studio Screen’s Printing class, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The students had designed and printed their own t-shirts and posters. The designs were so professional and dynamic, that I suddenly had an idea! Maybe the class could create t-shirts for my new Country Western Band, who had a debut performance in two days’ time.

I spoke with the instructor Pam Shanley (ACA Faculty and Facilities & Operations manager) and asked if I could commission a work for the class. Pam explained that if I brought in a design the next day, she would present it as a real world project for the students.

The next day, I visited the Teen Art Studio again, this time with a design cut-out in hand, as well as a bag full of colored t-shirts. The students immediately got started on the project by carefully applying the vinyl contact paper design to the screen. Next, they separated the dark shirts from the light ones and selected appropriate ink colors for each. After creating a paper copy proof for the design, they were ready to begin printing on the actual t-shirts. Carefully and with exact precision, the students screen printed all the shirts in less than 30 minutes. The t-shirts were ready to go!

See a video of the screen-printing process, as the first Ragged Mountain Band T-Shirt is created!

Three days later, I was able to distribute these beautifully screened shirts to my group, “the Ragged Mountain Band” for our debut performance at the Old Time Fair in Andover, New Hampshire on August 7th. The group was delighted by the shirts and so impressed with the student’s printing. The concert was a great success and everyone knew our band’s name by the t-shirts.

Marshall was a star screen-printer at ACA this summer!

In a classroom interview several weeks later, Teen Art Studio student Marshall commented on the project: ” It was pretty cool. After practicing for a whole week, finally we get to do this real project.” Marshall said that he would absolutely recommend the screen printing course to friends: “Pam is a really good teacher. She’s always excited about everything, and she’s really fun.”

Thanks Pam and thanks to the Teen Art Studio students for a wonderful collaboration!

-Lindsey Schust

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