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Rental FAQs

Want to know more about how to rent out the ACA theater for a function or an event? Below, you can read responses to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding rentals of our black-box theater.

How large is the theater? How many people does it seat?

The theater is 51' x 51' and holds 150-175 people. Feel free to take a look at the floor plan.

What kinds of events do you program in the theater?

Everything! From concerts to theater productions to private functions and more, ACA's black-box theater is a multi-purpose performing space, perfect for events of all kinds.

Are chairs and tables provided?

Chairs up to the seating capacity are available for use by renters. A limited number of tables may also be available, but must be specially requested.

What is the rental rate?

The rental rate is $35 per pour.

Can I schedule a tour?

Tours of ACA's theater may be coordinated with Pam Shanley, our Operations Manager. You can reach her at

Is there any nearby parking?

There is a parking lot located right next to our building. Renters/guests may also park on Tufts St or Foster St, on the non-residential side, within the 2 hour limit.

I don't see my question listed here. What should I do?

For additional questions and info, please contact Pam Shanley at

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