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Fiber (wool felt)

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave)

My current practice is wet-felting, the process of using soap, water and friction to turn unspun wool roving or fleece, a loose, fluffy, and non-integrated material, into a coherent fabric that has cohesion, integrity and dimension. During the felting process, I often fold and pleat the fabric, using stitching, which is often decorative. I may also incorporate natural materials, such as mica, stones or shells.

I'm particularly interested in the interaction of color, while I'm also playing with texture; pattern, which is often geometric; and composition. My work is largely abstract.

I primarily make planes, which become wall-hangings, pillow covers,, table runners, and scarves, but I also make small 3-dimensional objects, such as vessels or bowls.

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